What is a Dermatologist?

​A Dermatologist is a medical specialist who is expert in the diagnosis, treatment and management of all skin dis​orders, including in the early detection and treatment of skin cancer. In Australia, qualified and accredited Dermatologists hold the ​postnominals ‘FACD’, through the Australasian College of Dermatologists​.

Dermatologists are in the best position to provide expert diagnosis and treatment for you skin, hair, or nail concern, for patients of all ages.

​Do I Need a Referral?

​This is not absolutely necessary, though is preferable. Patients who attend without a referral will not be eligible to receive a medicare rebate.

A valid referral allows you to receive the highest eligible medicare rebate, and allows dialogue ​with your referring doctor to better understand your health history and treatment progress.


​You will be informed of fees at the time of booking, including out of pocket fees after the medicare rebate.

Additional fees are payable for procedures such as biopsies, injections, cryotherapy freezing, and surgical excision.

We are a private billing clinic and request payment on the day of consultation. Your medicare rebate can be processed directly into your account. Bulk billing is not available. We accept payment via EFTPOS, Visa, and Mastercard.

Are Consultations Covered By Private Health Insurance?

​No, unfortunately private health insurance does not cover any out of hospital consultations or procedures.

​Attending Appointments

​Please bring your valid referral letter and any relevant pathology results. Please attend 5 minutes prior to your appointment to complete the registration paperwork.

Please be aware that a referral is still valid even if it is addressed to another practice or ​Dermatologist.

If you are attending for a full skin check, please remove make-up prior to your appointment.

​​Cancellation Policy

​SMS reminders are sent out 48hours prior to your appointment. A $100 non-attendance fee will be issued for a missed appointment. Should you fail to attend​ your appointment then wish to reschedule a subsequent appointment, you may be asked to prepay your appointment fee.

Lost Scripts

​If you have been seen within the last 3 months and have lost a prescription or require a replacement, a $25 script fee will be issued.

As a general rule, if you have been seen more than 3 months ago, ​it is preferable your condition be reviewed to ensure the medication is still required.

​Personal Information & Privacy Policy